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Cara Black Roses "Shag" is a  variation of the Black Roses Cara doll. She wears the same hand sequined  and beaded black lace pants and top,  with black spandex and leather  corset, black boots, silver necklace  and earrings and silver ring. She also comes with her black vase  with black pave roses. The difference  is her wig. Cara Black Roses "Shag"  is wearing a black side parted wig  with hand ventilated part and subtle  streaks of soft lilac and purple. There  are only 30 pieces of the Black Roses  "Shag" Cara. NEW Black Roses Shag dolls have an  additional skirt!  Doug: I love variations! We've done  many of them over the years and  here's one more.  As beautiful as  Black Roses Cara is wearing her  beaded and sequined black lace  evening pants, a drapey and sparkly  evening skirt with a hint of a train just  gives her a less edgy and more  elegant look!  What a great addition!
Price: $155.00
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