Knees and elbows – CED had an astounding 14 points of articulation. Not since Dollikins of the 60’s had such an articulated body been created for an American fashion doll. They could do everything and anything a collector could dream up, and do it with style! Though larger than other dolls being offered, the original trio of 19” beauties quickly captured the attention of collectors everywhere. They also upped the ante for every other manufacturer of modern vinyl fashion dolls, as one year later, we are seeing vast changes to many current dolls on the market.”1  Attractive Joint Work However, articulation - movement, just for its own sake in a fashion doll wasn’t enough for Doug and Laura. The joints had to be non-intrusive and as smooth and attractive as possible. After all, a joint breaks an otherwise clean line in what can be considered a work of art. Badly done joints would be ugly and allow for sloppy appendages – not the fine look a collector is going for in a fashion doll. FDQ summed up their results by saying, “Take one look at the jointing on a CED doll and it would be impossible to say that jointing cannot be done well. Not only does the doll have a beautiful sculpt, the jointing is concealed well enough so as not to interfere with the lines of the doll.”2  Beautiful Faces – Ethnic Diversity Attractive, functional articulation wasn’t the only goal for this fledgling doll company. Doug and Laura had a few other goals for their new doll line. First, classically beautiful head/face sculpts? Of course. But another one of their goals was to show dolls with different ethnicities, blond American, sure, but also Indonesian, and Brazilian and later, African American and more. After all, there are lots of different kinds of beautiful people in the world and they wanted to show that. Ultimately, CED facial sculpts and skin color would reflect those differences.  Real Form Body Sculpt In addition to a beautiful face, Doug and Laura were interested in a body sculpt more closely replicating a woman’s real form - more perfect than most women really are perhaps, but more “human” than was common in most fashion dolls none the less. As reported in the 2002 issue of Dolls magazine, “Articulation is far from the only thing that sets this new [CED] line apart. Each doll will also feature surprising proportions – similar to those found in fashion illustration and department store mannequins”3. © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started