A note regarding Constance: Constance wasn’t originally intended to be part of CED. The CED line was originally going to be only Claire and Cara. But as Doug explains in an FDQ article entitled, “Time In A Bottle” by Anna Duffy, “The year before we started this project, we [Doug & Laura] had been working on the Willow and Daisy line, and I had suggested that we design a friend for them. Based on several drawings and photos, the new head was sculpted and first called Gabrielle. We realized right away that she was not the right style to be in Willow and Daisy’s world. Gabrielle’s sculpt was far too sophisticated and natural to work with the more stylized Willow and Daisy. We had commissioned her and had her sculpted independently, and then we shelved her. This beautiful face popped back into my mind, and I suggested that we add a third character. Her head worked beautifully with the other CED women, and Constance was born.” JDJ International’s Beginnings As we all know, tragedy can strike without warning. Doug’s friend and business partner, Laura Meisner, died unexpectedly in January of 2003. The company, although created in 2000, had been actually marketing dolls for less than a year. After the initial shock subsided, Doug had decisions to make, could he continue? Could he handle being a one man show? The debt owed by this young company was much higher than he’d expected. He was already a busy guy working full time and in demand in the entertainment industry. But, ultimately, he found a way to do both and JDJ International came into being. (For those of you interested in trivia, JDJ stands for John Douglas James.)  As stated in a 2004 edition of FDQ in an article entitled, “The Talented Mr. James”, “… Doug has gotten the business details in order and has already put up part of the 2004 line on the CED website. The company now has a Webmaster who oversees the website, someone who handles the phones and takes orders, and he has a new warehouse in Pennsylvania. He has set his sights on the future…  Appealing to the spectrum of collectors, he hopes to keep prices lower on part of the line, while still keeping the details and quality (these dolls will come to be known as CED Basic Dolls and the CED Creative Edition Dolls), but still having dolls which are more involved in production and materials, with higher prices.”7 As Doug is next quoted, “But, edition numbers will always be way below what anybody else is doing. CED collectors will continue to be a small, elite group.” © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started