Fashion Concepts Fashion, quality and attention to detail were and are first. In a 2006 article in Haute Doll magazine, “The Modern Allure of CED”, the author offers an additional explanation of the CED fashion concept. “Another forte of the CED line lies in its fashion focus. CED is about fashion and about the details that make fashion extraordinary and thrilling. The collector will notice CED style is not limited to one specific period or type of fashion, but rather it includes designs from the past as well as the most current. Current offerings run the gamut from a classic 1880’s velvet panne gown to a retro-esque cotton summer dress with detachable wide skirt. And in between, there are classic wardrobe building essentials in silk, cotton, denim, suede, and velvet all made with real working pockets, buttons and buttonholes, hook and eye closings, and of course, lined like real garments. Fabric textures, prints, and other faux fur trimmings are scaled to the doll’s size. The shoes and sandals are made of real leather, making CED the only line to offer such luxury for your doll’s feet.  At 19½ inches, the CED dolls are versatility at its best.”8 An article entitled “Time In A Bottle” by Anna Duffy in FDQ offers further explanations. “The CED dolls are not like your average fashion dolls. For one thing, they don’t have careers, or birthdays, or boyfriends, or even family. They are first and foremost, fashion mannequins. Their purpose is to represent different types of beautiful women in elegant couture designs.”9  As Doug is further quoted in that same article, “There were a couple of reasons that we decided to do different eras and not a specific story line. First, the market already had several dolls (now there are dozens) that have very elaborate story lines and eras. Second, we are trying to stay in the area of filling a void, and not just copying what’s already out there, so I pushed for no specific story line. As I tell people, ‘you’re adults, here are beautiful dolls with beautiful names, beautifully made clothes. Everyone’s dying to use his or her individual creativity, so use it! You do the rest.’ If you think Cara looks like an Italian countess, make her one.”9 In this same article the author asks Doug a fun question. “Doug has a great sense of humor, so we had to ask him a variation of the infamous Barbara Walter question. Instead of a tree, we asked, ‘What kind of doll would you be if you were a doll (or action figure)?’  Doug replied, ‘If I were an action figure. I would be Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Just a guy in a coat, who in his mind can do anything, but who is really just a nerd’.9 © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started