Six CED Characters In addition to the first three characters, Claire, Constance, and Cara, by 2006 Doug had introduced three new characters, Catherine Emily Donahue, Colin Elia Dehan, and Chiara Elena Desanti.  The CED fashion dolls are a sophisticated collection to which words like mature, elegant and glamorous apply. In the CED fashion doll line, as of this writing, Doug has created a total of six CED characters in over forty editions of those characters not counting those special editions created as one of a kinds or small runs for special events, etc., plus a plethora of costumes and accessories. A non-inclusive list follows. (This list will be expanded upon.) The CED characters with full names and backgrounds Doug envisioned are listed below. (You might envision a different background to which we say, if that’s what you’d like to do, why not!) Claire Elizabeth Daniels, an American of English background Cara Emile Duncan of Indonesian background Constance Erin Dash of Brazilian background Catherine Emily Donahue of Irish background Colin Elia Dehan of Nigerian background Chiara Elena Desanti of Italian background   © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 Editions:  Claire in Flower Show Constance in Dance Card Cara in LaScala Constance in Antiquing Constance in Antiquing (Red) Colin in Dark Angel Claire in Provence Colin in Klub Afrikan Cara in Nicely Suited Claire in Early Winter Constance in Caribbean Sunset Cara in African Art Colin in Golden Angel Claire in Portrait (Blue Velvet)   Constance in Christmas Lights Catherine in Introductions Catherine in Blue Banner Chiara in Splash of Gold Claire in Wedding March Constance in Wedding March Chiara in Tricky Spot Colin in London Holiday Cara in Black Roses Cara in Baby Doll Chiara in Chilly Catherine in Nutcracker Sweet Constance in Close to Capri Basic Cara Basic Constance Basic Colin Creative Claire Creative Constance Creative Colin Claire in Portrait (black) Cara in Black Roses (blond) Cara in Black Roses (shag) Catherine in Black Widow Colin in It’s a Wrap Claire in Silver Fox Cara in Vanilla Delight Claire in Alice In Wonderland Constance in Merlow   CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started