Developing Along With CED Violett and Gabby  You can’t contain creativity and while actively involved with CED, Doug’s design focus expanded to also produce a related to the past but entirely new doll line, Violett and Gabby. Violett and Gabby, arriving in 2007, were an offshoot, cousins, of Willow Somers and Daisy Field, dolls he and Laura had created for the Knickerbocker Company in the late nineties. With Violett Somers and Gabby Field he was experimenting with different looks that he really couldn’t try on the more mature CED dolls. As described in the FDQ article by Anna Duffy, “The New Mod British Birds: Gabby & Violett”, “Yes, they were the same size [as Willow & Daisy], and could still wear the Somers & Field clothing, but their new faces, now showing the hint of a smile and teeth, gave them a different personality. So did the depth of the glass eyes, as opposed to the old factory screened faces… Daisy and Willow were well known for their great props and accessories, and Doug continues that trend with these sets… Gabby and Violet are youthful and fun…”10  Violett Somers appears in three editions: Violett in Decora Violett in Sunflower Violett in Troubador gift set Gabby Field appears as: Gabby in West End Opening Gabby in Decora Gabby in Post Cards from Paris gift set. Violett In Sunflower appeared on the March 2007 cover of Doll Magazine, the International Doll Collectors Magazine (UK Edition) with the comment, “in this issue we are very proud to introduce Violett and Gabby, two leggy, fashionable teens from Doug James of CED”. In the included article, “Violett and Gabby”, the author, Susan Brewer, describes Violett and Gabby as being “young, modish and very, very zingy.” She ends the article by saying, “As an avid collector of the original line of Willow and Daisy dolls, I’d like to tell Doug that he has certainly made me very happy – as, I’m sure, thousands of other collectors. It’s fantastic to have our sixties girls back again. Here’s to Violett, Gabby and all their outrageous getups!”11   © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started