The “S” Series – BJD’s A creative soul knows no bounds and in 2010 Doug premiered the first of another new doll line, a line of ball jointed and strung 19 inch resin fashion dolls he labeled the “S” Series. The “S” stands for the first letter in each dolls name. While many resin BJD’s are promoted for their articulation, Doug’s goal with the “S” Series was to find a happy balance between movement, beauty and fashion. FDQ introduced this new fashion doll line in an article by Pat Henry called “Doug James Presents; Seine” in their 2010 Spring edition. She wrote, “For nearly two years, Doug worked with factories overseas to develop this new fashion doll based on the proportion and styling of his popular fashion doll series, CED. While Seine [first “S” Series doll] is similar in proportion, she is newly sculpted and has a different esthetic feeling, being made of a heavy and high quality matte resin. This lovely lady comes closer to the concept of fashion doll as art piece. Her ball jointing is fluid and the doll can pose effortlessly without the ‘snap back’ of many tightly strung dolls. The body is well balanced so that the doll can stand on its own, but she comes with a new saddle stand that gives the heavier doll a substantial base to securely pose on for display… Doug wisely worked under the radar, not promoting the line or saying much about it until the doll was basically complete… Doug resources the fabrics, findings, jewelry and accessories himself; the materials and supplies are then all shipped to the factory. While the cost of materials is higher, so is the quality, as well as the comfort of knowing that what you see is what you are going to get.”12 The introductory doll, Seine, arrived in a stretched knit gown with a sparkling gold mosaic. Collectors might be interested in noting that the material for Seine’s gown came from a limited quantity remaining from a dress created for a movie Doug worked on called Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts (2003). Doug is known for his quality of materials, style and attention to detail and he certainly maintained that approach in his “S” Series line. In that same 2010 FDQ article, Pat Henry states, “The jewelry and accessories are particularly well crafted and reflect Doug’s meticulous eye for detail.”12   © JDJ International, Inc. 2017 CED Dolls  “S” Series  Violett & Gabby JDJ International: The Story   How JDJ International, Inc. got started